Meet the author: Jessie KB

airbrush_20161125214550Hello, welcome to my website. My name is Jessica Kendall-Bar and I am a PhD student studying Marine Mammal Physiology and Neuroscience in the Costa and Williams’ labs at UC Santa Cruz. I studied Marine Science and Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. I love art and science and in particular how they can combine to vividly depict the underwater world. I am also very interested in teaching. Last year was my second year teaching the oceanography course at Berkeley (Oceans C82), where I led sections with a total of 100 students. I have also been involved as an undergraduate student instructor and scientific diving collector for the Invertebrate Zoology course (IB 103LF).

My research interests include animal behavior, physiology, and neuroscience, especially concerning cognition, mating, and sleep. I have conducted research on topics including sexual selection in arthropods, feeding and mating behavior in octopuses, and sleep deprivation in humans. This summer, I studied unihemispheric sleep in fur seals and beluga whales, employing various electrophysiological recording techniques. Read more about the project here. Most recently, I participated in a research cruise aboard the RV Oceanus. Here is a press release about my participation on the cruise (see Berkeley lab’s article and the cruise’s blog for more info).

I love to free dive, scuba dive, swim, surf, windsurf, sail, bike, and hike. I also really enjoy making art, especially in the form of drawing, singing, playing violin, painting, and woodburning. I speak French and have a lovely bunch of family and friends who live in France, some of whom I met during my year abroad at a public high school in Montpellier, France. Please contact me through email if you have any questions or similar interests and would like to connect!

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