Nothin’ but Ladies in the Lineup: Surf + Brunch at Heavens

This Sunday, I photographed an incredible ladies-only surf event put on by Jeux de Vagues and Surfrider LA. Katherine Terrell, who organized this event, is the founder of Jeux de Vagues, an eco-friendly swimwear company which fights to protect the environment as well as to empower the “sisterhood of women surfers”. Read more about Katherine’s ambition to preserve the ocean on her website

Katherine and an attendee, Anna

DSC_7600DSC_7602Out in the water, I was able to meet some other incredible females, pursuing their dreams in various realms. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to everybody, so if you see a picture of yourself and want to tell me more about what you do, I’d be happy to add! Please contact me if you are interested in getting high resolution photos ( It was lovely to meet all of you. 🙂

Stacie Vanags, Creative Director and Owner at Salted SpiritDSC_7392DSC_7369

Sara Price, writer & comedian.DSC_7367

Tina Segura, chair of the West LA Malibu chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.DSC_7386

Lulu McCumsey, creative director at Lulu LeKay, photographer.DSC_7357

Molly Lockwood, editorial intern for The InertiaDSC_7476DSC_7737

Jesse Jennings, photographer.DSC_7447DSC_7448

Jordyn Romero, media intern at The InertiaDSC_7515DSC_7603DSC_7393DSC_7610

Jessica Monty, chef, health counselor, and yoga instructor. jessicamonty.comDSC_7631DSC_7406DSC_7619DSC_7706

Alison Teal, public figure & environmental activist. Read more about her travels and watch her films at DSC_7648DSC_7653DSC_7420

Megan CrawfordDSC_7496DSC_7451

Olia BolotinaDSC_7557DSC_7669




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