Indulging my fantasies

I finished this woodburning yesterday, after 13 hours of nothing but sweet maple fumes and the sound of raindrops on my roof. Here’s a tour of the little underwater palace I’ve drawn for myself: Click on any image to see it enlarged.

20131120_233641The house begins above ground, where you can hop in your kayak and slide (literally) into the water, sit in the rooftop garden, or take the elevator down to the underwater level. The underwater kitchen has a great view of the intertidal zone and harnesses the energy of the breaking waves above to power its appliances.

The next three-story segment of the house includes a piano, a boat, some surfboards, and other toys. The second-story laboratory has a pressurized chamber which exits directly into the ocean, allowing a diver to adjust the equipment attached to a float. This sampling float is tethered loosely to the house in such a way that it can adjust its position with the swell of tides and waves in order to minimize the stress of constant motion and maximize the amount of planktonic material that the sampling equipment can collect.


An upper passageway connects the room with the surfboards to a cylindrical chamber from which you can dive into the water from a diving board. The lower passage takes you to my ideal art room.The artist sits in a bed of cushions with an aquarium wrapped around the room above and has the rest of the open space to peer out at the wild creatures which wander past.


The upper passage continues above the rest of the house and leads to the double story bedroom segment.


The rest is just for fun.