Week 5: LPSO Mating, Hermit and Toy Crabs

Testing sampling response of the A. Aculeatus using plastic crab.
1st time: Response immediate, attack, disinterest within 4 seconds of attack
2nd time: Response delayed 4 seconds, attack, immediate disinterest
3rd time: Visual recognition, no attack response
Video of 2nd response (1/2 speed):

Feeding A. Aculeatus
Prey: Hermit Crab
Video of initial attack (1/2 speed):

Feeding on Hermit Crab (while inside shell) (speed=8x):
(drilling by octopuses on shells with hermit crabs was observed in O. mimus (Cortez et al.) and might have happened in this case (hard to tell because no sound equipment was used and the shell initially had several indentations resembling boreholes))

Extracting Hermit Crab
pulling out hermitcrab Nov15
Video (speed=8x):

LPSO Mating
Caldwell mated two Larger Pacific Southern Octopuses today (a new species he is in the process of describing) in the lab. Here is a compilation of photos and a video of the process.